Imbella Photographers seek to "paint the essence of a landscape" or to "honour the people and cultures" they portray.
When it comes to photographing wildlife, we believe it is critical that we have an understanding of the ways of the particular species before photography begins, and then it is often with great patience and always respect, that the images are received.

Photography is an both an appreciative and a creative act of expressing love.

One of our photographers says, "I approach landscape photography as a receiving of what God has created. By receiving rather than taking, capturing or shooting, I am a gentler person, and each photograph becomes an act of gratefulness - appreciating and honouring what I have encountered.
"Both peacebuilding and photography have taken me into many corners of the globe, into many cultures and into many lives. The respect and joy of encounters with diverse people is revealed in my people photography."

We delight in the landscapes, the wildlife, the cultures and the people that we are privileged to photograph, and thus, each photograph is a creative act of expressing love.

Our images have been exhibited in Tonga, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, New Zealand and Australia, published by others in books, prospectuses and on websites. Our landscapes on Google Earth and Google Maps have attracted over 16 million hits to date.

And we hope our images are a hit with you.

Ian, Barbara, Mike and Brett